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HB-8003S-T9315 Series Explosion Proof Camera

  • The highest level of explosion-proof certification, explosion-proof mark:
    ExdIICT6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP68 T80 °C
  • Multi-angle matte/gloss array infrared light, low thermal energy, low
  • Power consumption, illumination distance up to 150 meters
  • horizontal direction 0°~360° continuous rotation, the vertical direction
  • 0°~180°, no monitoring blind zone
  • Intelligent wiper function, the wiper adopts the car wiper blade, which has good weather resistance and easy replacement.
  • Turbine worm drive structure design, precision stepper motor drive, responsive, smooth operation
  • The window uses special explosion-proof glass, glass surface treated by nanotechnology, high luminous flux, no
  • Sticky, non-sticky, repelling dust
  • Built-in semiconductor temperature control components for automatic heating and cooling

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